May 10, 2012

If Ever I won the Lottery

The lottery is very popular in the most part of the world including Philippines. A lot of people really take chance on this game and they even include lottery in their everyday budget. They also have their favorite or lucky number. These people are praying and hoping that they will be the next lucky winner.

With our present economic situation, we can’t really blame people if they gamble their money in the lottery. They feel that this will be the best solution to have a good life. Why not? The lucky winner can win millions of peso and this means they can afford their needs and wants. They can buy house and lot, condos, brand new fancy car, latest gadgets and many more. They can travel around the Philippines and even around the world. If ever I won the lottery, I will spend part of the winnings in traveling.

Though I love joining giveaways and contest, the lottery is not my thing. I haven’t tried this game and I have no plan yet because I’m afraid that my winnings will cause me more harm. (assuming I will win, hehe!) Don’t get me wrong. But here are the things that I don’t want to happen if ever I won the lottery.

1.  Your family might take advantage of you 

After winning the lottery, I’m absolutely sure that you will gain more relatives. They feel that your winnings are for the whole clan. They want you to rescue them from their debts or financial problems. They will borrow money from you because there is no interest. 

2.  Your friends and colleagues might take advantage of you 

Of course not only family but friends too will like to get a share of your winnings whether it is a free meal, drinks, movie or even a weekend getaway.

3.  You will become a target for bad people 

A lot of people will come and offer you some investment opportunity, networking or insurance and convince you to buy from them.

4.  You might be a victim of a robbery, carnapping and even kidnapping.

But if these things will not happen, I might try my luck in lottery. 


  1. Dati tumataya ako minsan nananalo ng P20 at 500 na yung pinakamalaking tinamaan ko. lol! Nasawa din ako kasi tingin ko di para sakin ang lotto.

    1. wow! at least nababawi minsan ang taya. hehe!

  2. I am honestly not hoping on winning a lump sum too... no plan or dream of getting filthy rich either as I also fear being targeted with assaults and robbery... and too much money IS evil. But I do hope to win enough to be able to help more people. Within my family, relatives, friends and acquaintances, I know for sure that many will benefit if only I could win a little from lotto :) but I am not one who plays lotto very often. Only on special occassions... pero minsan, naiisip ko dapat siguro dalasan ko haha. Kakahinyang lang din kasi yung pangtaya tapos talo naman in the end. Never won anything yet eh!

    Spanish Pinay

    1. ayaw ko din manalo ng malaki kasi buwis-buhay. hehe!

  3. ako pag napapadaan sa lotto outlet, tumataya. nanalo naman ako 800 pesos nung minsan. pero di na ko nakakataya ngayon. :)

  4. super pareho tayo in this aspect... pero i tried 2x na yata when everyone seems to cram for the ~300 Million, pero di ako mapakali, coz i've been thinking, ano gagawin ko pag nanalo ako? baka di ako deserving na manalo, etc... when I talk about kung mag-isip, baliw daw ako... at least ngaun, alam ko di na ako nag-iisang baliw. hehehe!