January 30, 2017

Sun & Moon Urban Hotel in Cambodia

Whenever I hear Cambodia, the first thing that comes to my mind is Angkor Wat so when my husband told me that he will go to Cambodia, I initially thought that he would have a chance to visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site. But I was wrong because he went to Phnom Penh Cambodia and Angkor Wat is in Siem Reap province. 

There is no direct flight to Phnom Penh Cambodia from Manila Philippines. It was a long travel for my husband including the several hours of layover in Bangkok.

Manila to Bangkok via PAL 
Bangkok to Phnom Penh via Bangkok Airways 

He stayed in Sun & Moon Urban Hotel which is located in the heart of Phnom Penh. The hotel has a good location because it is near the tourist spots such as Wat Phnom, Royal Palace, National Museum and Independence Monument. You can either walk, ride tuk tuk or ride a car to reach those tourist spots that are less than 2km away.

Sun and Moon Urban Hotel is a modern hotel that offers gym, spa, steam, sauna, swimming pool, Jacuzzi and roof top bar. At the infinity pool, you can already see the tourist spot and river. 

This is the room. The lighting of the room is unique because you can change it, if you want bright or dim, hence the name of Sun & Moon Urban Hotel.

Breakfast is at Salt n’ Pepper - Gastropub

Sun & Moon Urban Hotel 
No.68, 136 St, 
Phnom Penh 12206, 


  1. Sun & Moon Urban hotel looks really nice! I like the interior of the hotel and the breakfast seems delish! <3 How much for a night? :)

  2. I had been to Cambodia a thousand times but sadly to say only in the border of Cambodia, LOL, just to extend my tourist visa stay in my Thailand. ahahaha. Hoping next visit to Cambodia i get to experience the beauty of the country. Lovely hotel room by the way, it's a nice tip. ^^


  3. Cambodia is one of my favorite places to visit. Though I havent been there. I would love to see temples and monks and anything urban. Yes, Angkor Wat is also included in my must see places once in Cambodia.

  4. I'd love to visit Cambodia too! Good thing your husband took a lot of photos for you to blog. Where else did he go?