September 02, 2021

4 Products You Need to Add to Your Skincare Routine

There are so many different skincare products out there and it seems like there is a new one coming out every single day. However, you don't need even half of them to enjoy good skin; all you need is a handful of products to have smooth and supple skin all year long. Once you have your essentials, all you need to know is how to use them properly in order to avoid bad habits that could damage your skin. Here are some of the skincare products everyone should have in their collection. 

A Good Cleanser 

The most important thing is that your skin is clean at all times. This is the foundation for having clear and smooth skin. The worst thing you could do is use the soap you wash your hands with to clean your face. The harsh detergents will strip your face of its natural oils and make it prone to breakouts. Instead, go for a nice, gentle, and hydrating cleanser that has as few chemicals as possible

A Skin Serum 

Serums are all the rage in skincare, and sometimes it can be difficult to understand what they do and how you should use them. Serums are meant to nourish the skin, they are made up of various nutrients that will penetrate deep into the pores. You must use them in the proper order, serum should be applied after cleansing and exfoliating. This is because dirt on the outer layer of skin will prevent the serum from penetrating properly. You also have to make sure that you add it before adding a moisturizer. The moisturizer will lock the nutrients in and keep your skin looking healthy and glowing. 

We would also suggest that you get both your moisturizer and serum from the same brand as they will often be formulated to work with each other. If you're looking for a great line of high-end skin products, then browse the products at SSENSE from Tata Harper. They have everything from cleansers, to eye creams, to moisturizers that you can choose. They also have a wide selection of different serums that you can try. 


Some people think that toners are overkill, but they play a very important role in skincare, especially if you wear makeup. Even if you clean your face properly, there will be some residue left and a good toner will take care of that. It will also help any additional treatment, like serums, work better.


Exfoliation is very significant to get a nice, gentle, and refreshing exfoliator in your collection. One thing you have to be careful with is how often you exfoliate your skin. If you’re exfoliating every day, then chances are you are doing your skin more harm than good. The face also needs that protecting layer to block sun rays. Only exfoliate once or twice per week and make sure that you have a moisturizer with good UV protection. 

These products are all that you need if you want your skin to instantly look better. Learn how to integrate these into your routine and use them properly to get the best results.

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