September 24, 2021

Homemade Polvoron

I was 9 years old when I learned how to make polvoron. My cousin is the one making it and I will get a commission after selling all her polvoron. It is not hard to sell kasi madaming bata doon sa dating tinitirhan namin sa Manila so ubos agad. 

Polvoron is an easy recipe but I don’t usually make this at home because mas madali bumili ng Goldilocks Polvoron. Ito yung favorite namin na polvoron and I also buy this for baon or pasalubong if we will travel abroad. Natatawa na lang ko sa reaction ng ibang foreigners when they try polvoron, “it is like eating sweet sand”. hehehe! 

But because our country is still under community quarantine, we rarely go out and I think the last time I went to Goldilocks was few days before Community Quarantine started. So ang tagal na, so yesterday I decided to make “homemade polvoron”. There are so many polvoron recipes online but this is my version.

Polvoron Recipe

2 cups toasted all-purpose flour 
1 cup powdered milk 
3/4 cup white sugar (adjust according to your taste) 
1 cup melted butter 
Optional: Add 1/4 cup of ground or crushed skinless peanuts, cashew nuts, pinipig or oreo cookies 

1. In a heated pan, toast and stir the sifted all-purpose flour until the color change to light brown and you can smell the aroma. Let it cool for several minutes. 
2. In a bowl, add the milk, sugar, and toasted flour. Mix all the dry ingredients. 
3. Make a well and add the melted butter. Mix well. 
4. Mold the mixture using a polvoron molder. 
5. Place in a food container or if you want you can wrap the polvoron in cellophane or Japanese paper. 

I let my son toast the flour and he was complaining na masakit na shoulder niya kakahalo. Hehehe! Natawa na lang ko pero exercise din yan. After he toasted the flour, I prepared the other ingredients and mixed them. Then I called my son to mold all the polvoron. We were able to make 24 pieces of polvoron, we already ate few pieces and I put the leftover in a container and put it inside the fridge. 

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