September 22, 2021

Air Fryer Chicharon Bulaklak

A few months ago I blogged about “How to Stop Stress Eating When You are Stuck at Home” so I try my best to be mindful of what I eat and drink. I also came to a point when I stopped myself from eating rice during morning and evening. It was hard but slowly, nakasanayan ko rin but after my COVID19 vaccine, my diet was gone because I was craving more foods. I was thinking na baka kailangan ko talaga kumain para lumakas ulit ako, especially after noong second dose ko. 

I’m struggling to go back to my diet again kasi napasarap na naman ako sa pagkain. “I thought about losing weight once, but I don’t like losing”. hehehe! So last week, nagugutom ako so I was planning to cook French Fries pero naubos na pala, then I saw this Cook Express Chicharon Bulaklak

Honestly, my first taste of chicharon bulaklak or ruffled fat was not good. As in nagsisisi ako bakit ko siya binili, ang mahal tapos yung lasa niya “lumang mantika”. Well, what can you expect sa street food na hindi mo alam kung ilang beses ginagamit ang cooking oil. So after that, never na ko bumili and kumain ng chiharon bulaklak. 

But last month, I finally purchased this Ready to Cook Chicharon Bulaklak at San Miguel Frozen and Chilled. Actually, I always add this on my cart kaso sa tuwing bibili na ko, nasosold out lagi so it took me few months bago ko siya nacheck-out. I was thinking “masarap siguro kasi marami bumibili”. 

One pack is 600g and I was happy that it was divided into 4 packs so less temptation sa pagluto ng marami. I only cook one pack to try. I used our Air Fryer, setting is 180C for 12-15 minutes (you can adjust the time kung hindi pa crispy). After eating the chicharon bulaklak, nabago na ang pananaw ko. Masarap naman pala siya kaso nakakahigh blood for sure. Moving forward, I will just buy this pack if I want some appetizer or merienda. Oh di ba, minsan worth it din magbigay ng second chance. :) 

Cooking Instructions: 
Preheat oil up to 180C 
Deep fry chicharon bulaklak for 6 to 8 minutes. 
Drain excess oil and serve. 

"Two forms of fat that are vitally important for brain health are cholesterol and saturated fat." - David Perlmutter

Update: March 2023

Last month, I saw this Ready-to-Eat Chicharon Bulaklak in the supermarket. So meron na pala small pack, one pack is 150g so same din sa big pack na divided into 4 small packs. Nakokontian ako sa laman so ginupit ko para dumami. Mas okay din kasi mas naging crispy siya. 

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