September 03, 2021

Homemade Sapin-Sapin

I’m decluttering my phone gallery and I found the sapin-sapin photos that I took last January. I love kakanin but I don’t have the confidence to cook this at home. The only kakain that I can cook from scratch na alam kong kaya ko ay puto and palitaw. Anyway, last year I saw the different kakanin mix of Sarap Pinoy at Landers. I haven’t tried this brand yet so I only bought the Sapin-Sapin Mix and Puto Mix but this is also available in other online shops. 

When I was young, we always have Dolor’s Kakanin if there are special occasions. It is one thing that I missed ever since I moved to South Luzon area. I like their sapin-sapin so last January, I tried this Sarap Pinoy Sapin-Sapin Mix PHP144.75. I just followed the instructions at the back of the box. 

Sarap Pinoy Sapin-Sapin Recipe 

Sarap Pinoy Sapin-Sapin Mix 
Cooking Oil 
8” round pan 
Plastic liner (cling wrap) 

1. Half-fill steamer with water and bring to boil 
2. Grease 8” round pan with oil and line with plastic liner (cling wrap) 
3. In a bowl, dissolve 2 packs of coconut powder completely in 1 1/2 cups of warm water. Divide coconut mixture into 3 parts. 
4. Dissolve each pack of powder mix into one part of the coconut mixture. 
5. Pour first the ube mixture into prepared pan and steam for 5 minutes or until mixture has totally set, pour in the white mixture and steam for another 5 minutes or until mixture has finally set, pour in the yellow mixture and steam for 8 minutes more. 
6. Cool completely before releasing from the pan. Refrigerate before serving. 

Optional: Top with toasted coconut before serving 

The recipe said it will only take 5-8 minutes per set but I ended up steaming this for several minutes. I don’t know bakit hindi na tumitigas yung white and yellow mixture. Inabot yata ko ng oras so my first try of sapin-sapin was not so successful. Maybe next time, I will use a puto molder baka mas mabilis kung maliit lang gagawin ko. With regard to taste, it is a little bit sweet for our taste pero pwede na if I'm craving for sapin-sapin. 

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