September 21, 2021

Bicol Express

The last time I went to the grocery was February so I’m really thankful for online shopping because I can still shop. I’ve been buying and trying the San Miguel food products, ever since I discovered that they can deliver the foods na frozen/semi-frozen. And these foods rescued me last week because I have no energy to cook meals; I was not feeling well after my second dose of the COVID19 vaccine. My husband can cook naman but he is busy working during weekdays. 

One of the foods that I tried is “Purefoods Bicol Express”, it is a Heat and Eat foods that you can prepare using your stove or microwave. I’m not fond of spicy foods so hindi ko rin alam ano pumasok sa utak ko bakit ko binili ito. Hehehe! Kitang-kita ko na agad yung mga siling labuyo kapag open ko.

Pan Heating: Heat frozen product at medium flame for 8 to 10 minutes and stir occasionally. 
Microwave: Partially open lid & heat frozen product at medium to high setting for 8 to 10 minutes. Stir Halfway. 

I used our stove to heat the frozen food. What's nice about the Purefoods Heat and Eat is you don’t need to thaw so literal na heat and eat na lang. This is a good buy if you like spicy food, though medyo maalat lang siya for my taste pero pwede na kung may kanin. Sometimes I also cook this at home from scratch pero non-spicy version so hindi ko alam kung Bicol Express pa ba yun o Ginataang Baboy lang. Hehehe!

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