September 29, 2021

Crispy Squid Rings

Crispy squid rings is also known as calamares, calamari, or battered squid rings. According to my research, calamari means squid in Italian and Spanish. I am not sure if the word calamares is the Filipino version of calamari. All I know is whenever I eat in the restaurant, I would either see calamari or calamares in the appetizer menu. 

I love squid and calamari is a good appetizer dish but I seldom order this because the taste is a hit and miss. Sometimes it is good, sometimes it is chewy, and sometimes is salty so I just take note of the restaurants that serve yummy fried squid. 

Squid is always part of our menu too but I usually cook adobong pusit and stir-fry squid in olive oil. I tried cooking my own version of calamares too but as much as possible I try to stay away from deep-fried seafood kasi one-time use lang ang oil. Unlike kapag fried chicken or fries lang niluto ko, I can reuse the oil for frying fish. 

So when I saw this Purefoods Crispy Squid Rings, I immediately bought it because I know that I can cook this using Air Fryer or Oven Toaster so I can save on cooking oil. You can save time too because you don’t need to thaw the squid. I used my Philips Air Fryer, the setting is 180C for 10 minutes. 

How to Cook the Crispy Squid Rings 

1. Take out from the freezer. No need to thaw. 
2. Deep fry for 2 to 3 minutes on medium heat or until golden brown. 
3. Remove from pan and drain excess oil. 
4. Serve while hot. 

I only cook one pack to try and the squid rings turned out good, it is crunchy but it is a little bit spicy and salty for our taste. I was surprised when my son ate this because he doesn’t like squid dishes. I will buy this kapag nakasale ulit ng Buy 1 Take 1. I bought this at San Miguel Frozen and Chilled.

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