January 17, 2015

Costa Rica Honeymoon: The Dreamiest You Can Ever Have

You have met the love of your life and the time you will spend together is exactly what you are preparing for. After the entire buzz about the wedding, all that you could think of is how you can start your life together with the most magical way possible. Now, where could be a good place to go for the honeymoon? Have you considered Costa Rica Rios adventure honeymoon packages?

It may be the last country on your list, but it is definitely on top of the must-go-to honeymoon destinations in the world. It is perfect for couples who are just starting out. The natural surroundings especially the rainforests are a perfect reminder of why the couple got married and why they are starting a life together. The beautiful scenery and the lush forests will remind them of the love that got them together, to begin with. 

According to the top tourist destinations sites, Costa Rica ranked # 3 just a little after the famous Hawaii and even the gorgeous Italy. Its ranking has outpaced a lot of the other famous tourist destinations, not for the high rise buildings, but for the beautiful sunsets in its coasts that stretches up to 1,000 miles. The multiple tourist destinations in this small country in the heart of Central America have captured the hearts of many traveling honeymooners. To begin, the tropical weather makes it even more perfect for the outdoors. 

From spectacular rainforests to enchanting beaches, the abundance of nature and wildlife in this country definitely offers the adventure of a lifetime. Without a doubt, it is the country of romance, apart from the relaxation and rest that you deserve. If you’ve got the passion to explore what the world has to offer, then this country is waiting for you and your partner. 

Here are the top destinations that made it on my list: 

  • Manuel Antonio is nature’s jewel that rests on the coast of Costa Rica. It is very close to the capital city that its accessibility basically lends itself to those who want to discover romance in the country.
  • Manuel National Park offers adventure activities like kayaking, parasailing, rafting and even horseback riding. You will get a spectacular view of the ocean and wander like a romantic looking for love.
  • Tamarindo is considered as one of the country’s most well-loved tourist destinations. The sensational sunsets make it simply impossible not to love the place. Fun, relaxing and stress-free – that’s exactly what you are going to get. 
There is no doubt, Costa Rica, is an ideal location for those who are starting a life together. It is the perfect destination for those who want to celebrate love. Costa Rica is blessed with great weather conditions that help their rainforests survive. At the heart of the forests come eco-friendly lodges that were built to make you experience the wonders of nature from within. Because most of these eco-lodges are self-sustaining, with organic farms growing their own food, honeymooners could only expect to be served with the freshest ingredients every time. What better food to have on your first few days together, right? 

Author Bio: Larissa James is a lover of nature that she goes distances to discover more if it. She loves to travel and explore what the world has to offer.

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  1. A very good promotion for newly-wed couple, Costa Rica which has a lot of amenities like nature's jewel, Manuel Antonio, Manuel National Park, and Tamarindo. How I wish I could have a second wedding and take this place as our destination for our honeymoon... (2nd comment - Gil Camporazo)