January 18, 2015

My Experience in Reserving MetroDeal Voucher in IndoChinaStrings

The first and the last time I bought a voucher was almost four years ago, I bought Enchanted Kingdom ticket for my son’s 3rd birthday. I don’t usually buy online even there were moments that I was really tempted to buy a deal or voucher. And because of the mixed reviews that I’ve been reading all over the internet, I try to stay away from it. 

My friend availed the promo of “Overnight stay in Canyon Cove for 2 at P2999 only”. She asked her cousin to buy the MetroDeal voucher for us and I was in charge to book the voucher. I was reading all the information and I’ve read that I have to book in IndoChinaStrings. I google it and I started to become worried because of the bad experience that I’ve been reading. So I decided to email Canyon Cove if I can reserve a room but I was informed to book in IndoChinaStrings. 

So I checked the site and the process looks so easy. 

Step 1 Prepare and validate your MetroDeal voucher 

           Ready your voucher code(s) sent by MetroDeal via email 

Step 2 Select your preferred check-in date 

           Hotel booking dates are enabled when available 

Step 3 Complete the form and upload your IDs 

           Fill in your name, address, email, contact number and upload a scanned image of your government-issued IDs 

But the problem is when I checked the “Room Availability Checker” there is no more weekend available for November and December. I was thinking na “baka naman wala talaga weekend” but I scrolled the other months, I saw few available slots for the weekend but we wanted to use it in November or December.

I’ve been checking the site from time to time and then I saw an available slot for November 23, 2014 which is Sunday. I immediately informed my friend about it and I told her I need her cousin’s ID in order to reserve. My husband called IndoChinaStrings office to verify the process of reserving as a gift since we did not buy the voucher. 

Click the Book Now, you will see the booking form and fill out the details.

Choose the desired date

Complete the form, upload ID, and submit. “The last part of the form allows for additional information especially if you are going to give the vouchers as a gift to a loved one or a friend. You need to enter the name and contact information of the recipient of your gift. Don't forget to upload any government-issued ID that you own - file size should not be more than 1MB or the system will not accept the booking request.”

After submitting the form, you will see the booking acknowledgment

I booked last November 19, 2014 and on the same day, I received my confirmation voucher. I was glad that I did not have any bad experience in booking our MetroDeal voucher in IndoChinaStrings. I suggest before you purchase the voucher make sure you check the calendar first to ensure that your preferred dates are available. 

Click here if you need more information about IndochinaStrings-MetroDeal booking process


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  1. I haven't tried purchasing deals from MetroDeal. I'll trying buying some soon and before that I have to take your advise to check out the calendar first for available dates.

    1. Everything is in order when it is being calendared and priorities are given emphasized. Chances are,therefore, no activities are left behind or missed. (2nd comment of 2 - Gil Camporazo)

  2. We were lucky to get a direct booking from the same company when we went to Palawan last year. My brother's stay was brief and they agreed to accommodate us without going through the process.

  3. Whether it is MetroDeal or whatever, I haven't tried making a online booking for any holiday vacation in or out of the country. It seems it is easy and it saves time and effort. Isn't it?

  4. Great thing you called the concern establishments first. Great thing you called them about the VOUCHER and their preferred website for booking process.

  5. hi ask ko po sana kasi i bought 3 voucher but when i tried to make reservation hindi sya nagwwork when i picking the date.. i emailed them but no one responses me.. im so stress regarding with this.. maybe u can help me..

    1. Try to call them, they answered our questions naman before we tried booking. :)

  6. Hi. Pleasantly enough, I was able to book my Canyon Cove vouchers a day after I inquired from Indochina String's website. After reading all the horror stories, I was preparing to kiss my Php9K goodbye and do another booking at Canyon Cove.

    I was also inquiring about availability but the calendar was indicating that rooms are only available by mid-June this year. My vouchers were to expire this May 31. Upon inquiry from the Canyon Cove website there were still rooms available for April and May. Anyway, I sent an email to Indochina thru Indochina Care, their customer support... (half believing I will not get a reply)... well... they delivered. and I have my booking confirmations now.

    I spent a restless night worrying but all is well. :)

    Will I still buy vouchers from Indochina Strings? Isipin ko muna ...

    1. Glad to know that you were able to use the vouchers. 9k is still a big amount of money. :)

  7. Hi, just wanted to ask how to see the calendar in indochina for the available dates before i purchase the voucher?

    Or should I first buy the voucher before i can see the available dates?

    Thank you.. God bless..

    1. You can try the room availability checker in their site. Click the button and follow the steps. :)

  8. So they did ask for a government issued ID?? And you gave all that info and it went ok? I’m in the same
    boat with them Now where they asked me for a photocopy but I am hesitant to give that info. But if you did it and didn’t encounter any problems then I guess it’s fine.