January 30, 2015

DIY Family Planner

I’m a type of person who can’t live without planner because I want everything to be organized and one more thing, I tend to forget things if I did not jot it down.

But this year, I did not buy any planner but I’ve made a family planner last November. Ooops, I did not make it, I just printed it. Hehehe! I got free printables from Pinterest. 

I bought clear folder where I put all the papers + clip board where I put the monthly calendar. I just hang the clip board beside my computer table. 

What I like in the family planner is I can just print the things that I need. I can add more pages that I love that regular planners don’t offer. Some printables are editable too so I can type all information before printing it like the birthday calendar or special events for the whole year. 

I’m a full time mom and I don’t carry my planner when I’m out. All I have is a list of things to do and things to buy. So I don’t mind if this is big compared to regular planner. 

I also like these free labels. 

There are a lot of free printables in Pinterest but these are the links where I got my home management planner. 

Editable Calendar

Home Management Notebook


  1. This is such a genius idea! You'd certainly spend less by doing your own planner and you can even alter the content depending on your needs too!

  2. DIY is fun! I love to make things on my own too. Good job with this planner :)

  3. I enjoy DIY. I love the way you simplified it. Many thanks for this great piece of information.

  4. Another cute planner. I honestly don't have a planner for this year yet, I hope I can also find time to make a DIY planner

  5. You are very creative sis. I received so many planners last Christmas but up to now I'm not using any hehe.

    Mommy Maye2

  6. Very nice, pero mahal din mag print:)

  7. I'm definitely doing this next year. It's so hard to find a planner that works for you. Did you just print this using a regular printer?

    1. Yes, regular printer only. :)

    2. Even the ones that look like stickers? Are they stickers?

    3. Yes, I use sticker paper to print the labels.

    4. Yes, I use sticker paper to print the labels.