January 28, 2015

DIY Business Card Holder

I decided to make a business card holder before the class resumes because I know that I’ll be busy again tutoring my son. Business card holder is my second sewing project after I’ve made the pajamaI wanted to use the fabric scrap so it won’t put to waste. 

I watched You Tube videos for tutorial and it looks so easy. It is a five minute project but of course it took me forever to finish mine. Hehehe! My first try wasn’t successful because my calling card doesn’t fit. I tried it again and I did it. 

But I wasn’t satisfied yet so I searched for another tutorial and I found this site. I checked the step by step and I practice more. 

I finished four business card holder and I gave it to my friends. I’m now using the card holder for my calling card. I will make more if I have new fabric.


  1. That's a really neat and handy craft job. I think mine will turn out disastrous if I make it as I can't sew. Yours looks good.

  2. Wow Sis! You have another project na with the sewing machine, naku yung sa akin nasa box pa rin hehehe

  3. I love the idea of using fabric scrap, talagang you recycled and put it into good used. So cool! perfect debit card holder as well. Thanks for sharing

  4. You're really very creative! You make it look like it's very easy to do.