January 06, 2015

Lunch at Sizzlin’ Steak

I loved the long vacation last holiday but one thing I dislike is most of the private and government offices are closed so they required clients/customers to pay their bill on or before December 23 so payment will be posted. 

I already made my credit card payment before the holiday except for our amortization. As usual, late na naman ang Pag-ibig bill. Good thing we also received text alert so we were able to make payment before due date. We went to Festival Mall just to pay our amortization last Dec. 26, kahit sobrang nakakatamad. 

Since it was lunch time we ate at Sizzlin' Steak. I had my first sizzling experience at Pepper Lunch so I want to try new restaurant. We were the first customers at mga puyat pa siguro mga tao. Hehehe! 

Upon seated, staff gave us the menu and he informed us about the group meal. So we ordered the Meal for 2 at P499.

Choose 2 | Beef Pepper Rice, Pork Pepper Rice, Chicken Steak, or Burger Steak Set 

Choose 2 | Ice cream or soup | Banna Dark Choocolate Ice cream, Blueberry Ice cream, Egg drop soup or Creamy Corn Soup.

Get 2 Iced Tea. 

We chose Beef Pepper Rice, Pork Pepper Rice, Egg drop soup and Banana Dark Chocolate

Just like Pepper Lunch, the food was served in sizzling plate, so you have to flip, turn and mix your own food. The food serving was big enough for me so I shared it with my son. There are available sauces that you can mix with your food but since I’m not fond of sauces, I did not put anything so medyo matabang. Lol. 

The food is good naman, the only thing I dislike is ang tagal niya lumamig. I can’t enjoy my food sa init. So if you are really hungry, I don’t recommend this kasi ang tagal bago makain or it is just me because my husband already finished his meal while we’re just starting to eat. Hehehe!

I was expecting slice of bananas in Banana Dark Chocolate but they put banana chips instead. Anyway, the food was filling enough and the service was good too.


  1. Hhmmm.... yummy, yummy! The foods are so inviting. I had tasted some sizzling foods here in our place for experience and I love eating them.

  2. From thw look at it, I can say that you had a great meal. :)