January 22, 2015

How to Save More on Vaccines

We all know that vaccines are very important to our life. According to WHO, vaccines save 2.5 million children’s lives every year worldwide. Vaccines are not only to save our children but also to protect other children and adults in our community by reducing the chance of spreading the disease from person to person. 

But we could not deny that not all people can afford vaccines especially if you have a newborn who needs vaccines almost every month. We do have public health centers who provide free vaccines but not all vaccines that we need are available in the center so we have no choice but to go to a private hospital or just let go of the vaccines. 

We are fortunate because our health card cover vaccines, all we have to do is pay and reimburse the amount. But for those who don’t have that benefits the question is, is there any way that we can save more on vaccines. 

One mompreneur offers affordable vaccines. These pedia and adult vaccines are direct from manufacturers, you can buy the vaccines from her and you can bring it to the doctor.

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I’m not affiliated with the business, I’m just sharing with you an option if you want to save on your vaccines. Here are the details but you can also check the FB page for more information, just click here

Save a lot from vaccines with these easy steps: 


1) Inquire if your required vaccine is available

2) Deposit payment to BPI account. Email/post deposit slip. 
3) Choose a day and time: M,W,F 9am onwards (order 1 week in advance)
4) Meet-up at desired MRT/LRT1/LRT2 station5) 
Text your name, shirt color (for easy recognition)

MEET-UP PLACE: LRT1, LRT2 and MRT stations

SCHEDULE: Monday – Wednesday - Friday (9am onwards)
MEET-UP REMINDER: Please be on time.
Bring an insulated cooler with ice pack (available for sale @ 70 each)
*If you don’t have a cooler at hand, additional P100 for a container, ice pack, fabric (for the cold chain to be properly maintained)


  1. Vaccines now a days is expensive you have a lot of options to choose from where you can save its either a health center or you can order online. Thanks for sharing

  2. yup it's very much expensive to have the babies vaccinated at the proper time.. one reason why naghahabol ako ngayon for my kid's vaccines. thanks for this, at least I have an alternative. :D

  3. My kids have their vaccines c/o my aunt in Bicol. I am looking for a pedia near us who can administer these vaccines since most pedias don't allow them if these medicines doesn't come from them. I will take note of this too.

  4. Vaccines really are expensive. This is a good alternative for parents!

  5. The govt gives free vaccines. Just check your nearest Health Center or inquire from your barangay. :)

    1. Yes, there are free vaccines but as I mentioned above not all vaccines are available in health centers.

  6. Oo super expensive ang vaccines! Tapos our health center pa is sobrang nakakainis kaya hindi talaga namin na-avail ang free vaccine dun. This is a good option. :)

  7. This is nice! Vaccines can be expensive but I think being sick will cost us more.

  8. They really are very expensive! And correct, not all these vaccines are available via Health Centers.

  9. Oh I have never heard of this option before! I doubt if they can cater to Mindanao clients though. We mainly got vaccinated lang in our doctor's clinic and in the baranggay center. The latter was such a great help!

  10. My son's vaccination program is thru his pedia. I agree that it is really expensive and not all can afford to visit their own pedia but I believe that "prevention is better than cure".

    I think there are vaccines in baranggay health centers which can be avail for free.

  11. I agree that vaccines are so expensive and this option will be helpful especially if the vaccine is not available at our health center. Makakasave pa din kahit papaano.

    Mommy Maye2

  12. Not all vaccines at health centers are that good. If you know what I mean. It;s better to pay and feel protected.

  13. Vaccines are important but I've become weary of injecting my children with all the vaccines that have been concocted. I've done both a health center and through a private clinic and in the end I really believe that the best vaccine in the world is breastmilk. This is the best way to strengthen your child and make his/her immune system as strong as it can possibly be.

  14. Vaccines are really expensive! I wish this option was already available when my kiddos were still young...

  15. I am sure that this would be really helpful for those who want to save, protecting your kids from diseases that can be prevented with vaccines is a must.

  16. Yes, vaccines are sooo expensive. This will be of great use to the parents. Buti nalang my kids are grown up and once a year nalang ang vaccine.