January 15, 2015

How to Set a DFA Passport Appointment Online

Check my updated post: How to Schedule and Pay for your DFA Passport Appointment Online

Gone are the days that we have to wake up early just to fall in line in DFA. I once experienced that when we first applied for our passport in DFA Pasay and we can’t even take our lunch at baka mawala sa pila. Hehehe! And because of that experience, I decided to renew my passport in a travel agency. The price is steep but at least I can save time and effort because I don’t have to be absent from school or work.

But last 2010, I was so thankful because Pilipinas Teleserv has changed the process of applying and renewing passport. It was my first time to renew my passport without the help of travel agencies. I just scheduled an appointment and went to DFA Aseana. If my memory serves me right, I set my appointment last May 2010 and the earliest schedule that I secured was July 2010. 

Last Thursday, I visited the DFA Passport System site so I can schedule our appointment. Even though this is the fourth time that I will renew my passport, it seems like a first time again. 
I’ve made mistakes on my first appointment because I did not see the location, my appointment was in DFA Aseana but we prefer DFA South Metro Alabang branch because we live in South. So I scheduled an appointment again.

Update: New website is https://www.passport.gov.ph/appointment

As usual, I applied for Family Application, the process is so easy. I just filled out the form, chose delivery optionregular processing and submit

After you submit the form, you will see the reminders and requirements. Read carefully.

Then set your appointment, choose date and time. I was happy that there is weekend schedule so my son won’t be absent in school and my husband doesn’t need to file a VL. But unfortunately, I’ve read that all appointments on weekend are considered a rush order so I have to pay P1200 + P120 for a delivery fee per person. 

Lastly, you have to check your email to confirm and print your application form (long bond paper). I was also informed that my DFA Aseana appointment was already canceled. 

I’m hoping that our appointment would be smooth and no longer lines sa pagpapicture. Care to share your experience in applying or renewing your passport because my last experience was year 2010

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DFA Courtesy Lane

No need to set an appointment if you are qualified for a courtesy lane. Just visit DFA branch near you and bring the required documents. 

Requirements for Courtesy Lane
Please have all your original documents and IDs photocopied before going to DFA'

• Regular government employees / with GSIS / appointed by Civil Service Commission 
• Dependent of government employee 
- Legal spouse
- Parents 
- Unmarried children 
• Retired government employees (one year availment) 
• Incumbent elected officials 
• For barangay level, only the following are entitled: 
- Barangay Chairman 
- Barangay Kagawad 
- SK Chairman 
• Endorsement from House of Representatives must be endorsed by DLLU before lodging their applications to Courtesy Lane 
• Media Personnel must first secure an endorsement from Public Information Services Unit (PISU) before going to Courtesy Lane. 
• Minor (7 years old and below) 
• Senior Citizens (60 years old and above) 
• PWD (genuinely disabled) / with PWD I.D.s 
• Pregnant (genuinely pregnant) / with medical certificate 
* Employees of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) can refer or endorse only immediate family members to the Courtesy Lane, immediate family members include the grandparents, parents, parents-in-law, spouse, siblings, children and grandchildren of the DFA employee. Must secure proper endorsements duly signed by authorized signatories of their respective offices. Only original copies will be accepted for verification purposes. Photocopy of DFA employee’s valid I.D. / government agencies official’s Department I.D. must be attached for verification purposes.


  1. getting an appointment really saves alot of time. Prior to my new passport, I applied in the province since there are fewer people renewing/applying for a passport. There is no need to get an appointment.

  2. Getting an appointment online really saves time. Great that you managed to get your passport done.

  3. The process is very fast. Last time Mommy renewed hers, she was an hour earlier of the scheduled time but the officer allowed her to start the process. In less than 2 hours she finished the entire process. Nagtagal lang sa pagpapaxerox kasi hindi nya naxerox ung back page ng passport.

  4. I've tried that before and it really works great esp if you are the type who does not have the patience to wait for a long time. Glad that we can do the appointment online na. :)