January 04, 2015

Merienda at Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen

Two weeks ago we were in Solenad, if I remember it right I was looking for aqua blue shirt for my son for the Olaf Party but couldn’t find anything. It was time for merienda and we saw Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen and decided to try it.

I was browsing the menu and I saw Poutine, I learned Poutine when I watched one Kris TV episode and because I was curious I ordered it. Additional P35 for the bacon. We asked the staff “what is the best seller in their pizza?” He gave three choices and I just chose the Pizza Bianca. 

While waiting they serve complimentary bread + two dips which my son ate immediately. 

The Pizza Bianca at P275 was just ok for us. Cream + Mozzarella + Mushroom + Bacon 

I tried the Poutine and it was good for me. It was a combination of fries + gravy + bacon and cheese. The serving was too big for me so I asked help for my husband but he didn’t like it. Mas type pa daw niya Mcdo Fries. lol 

Few days after our experience, I saw some pictures in IG of some bloggers and fave nila ang Poutine and Risotto. Well, kanya kanya lang siguro panlasa. The price is reasonable, the service was good and the food satisfied our hungry tummy.

Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen

Solenad 2, Nuvali
Sta Rosa, Laguna


  1. I wonder if they have branch in Quezon City? Oh my that Poutine looks awesome! Definitely somewhere to try if we visit my hometown in Cabuyao. :)

  2. So that's what poutine is! :) not familiar with it, and I'm glad to finally learn about it now! Ty much! Hopefully, I can likewise taste it too! :)

  3. I really need to start my diet, with all the feasting i did during the holiday. This post of yours kinda want me start my diet next week nalang. Looks so delicious!

  4. Haven't been to Solenad...will visit there soon and try the Poutine at Mama Lou's...pizza and pasta fan too so thanks for sharing! :-)

  5. Got hungry after reading your post. lol. I love pizza so I'm definitely going to put this place on our "to dine to" list! Thanks for sharing!


  6. I think I've seen this resto but never really paid attention to it when I was there. I'll take note of this next time since the food looks yummy too :)

  7. I have never heard of Poutine till now. Hihi funny ng hubby mo. Will consider thia resto if ever we go to nuvali.

  8. Waaah sayang di ko nasubukan yun nag Nuvali kami, mukhang masarap yun Poutine!

  9. Poutine pala tawag sa combination na yun? :D We always go to Nuvali, but never to Solenad. Lol! I'll drop by at Mama Lou's next time to try out the Poutine.

  10. I also saw Mama Lou's in Nuvali! We thought of eating there but decided against it and ate at another restaurant instead. I'll make sure to eat there the next time I drop by.