September 25, 2017

Things You Should Know Before Buying a Wig

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Nowadays, wearing a wig became a popular trend and a lot of people are now using a wig for different reasons. One reason is if you have a medical condition like alopecia or suffering from hair loss because of stress or chemotherapy. Second, if you are tired of your look and you want to improve your hairstyle. The third reason is for fun and entertainment; singers, models, actors, actress and even cosplayers use wigs to change their hairstyle. 

Getting a new look is easy by wearing a wig but of course, there are few things that you should know before buying a wig. 

1. Do your homework 

It is very important to do your homework. Take time to research, read and ask for suggestions and recommendations from your friends or family. Buying wig is like buying clothes, there are sizes that you need to consider so know your head circumference. Think for your hair type, cap type, hairstyle and even color of wigs that you need to purchase.

2. Budget 

There are different types of wigs in the market and prices vary depending on the type of wig that you will purchase. You can choose synthetic, heat friendly synthetic hair or natural hair, synthetic is more affordable compared to human hair. 

3. How to Put On your Wig 

Putting on your wig varies, it depends on your hair condition. If you have hair, you might need to use a cap to flatten the hair. Some use bonding wig, double sided-tape or hair clip to secure the wig on the head. 

4. Taking Care of yout Wig

If this is your first time to buy a wig, it is best to read articles on how to take care of your wig. You need to know how to maintain the shape, how to store it properly or if you need beauty tools in order to protect your wig. 

Looking for wigs is not a problem because you can buy wigs online. You can browse different styles of wigs according to color, hairstyle, and types without leaving your home. Not only that, e-commerce site like Divatress sells hair care products for your wigs and you can even read “hair care and wig care” instructions. 

September 22, 2017

How to Make Coconut Oil

I love making palitaw for merienda because it is so easy to make. All you need is glutinous rice, water, shredded coconut, sugar and sesame seeds. You can check here the recipe. Since we are just a family of three, I only make a dozen of palitaw and because of that, I have a lot of leftover shredded coconut.

I really don’t know what to do with the leftover. If I will make a meal with coconut milk, masyado naman siya konti. So last month, I made my very first homemade coconut oil. I watch some YouTube videos to give me an idea. Some use blender but I only use my hand to squeeze it. Anyway, here are the steps. 

1. Boil water.
2. I place the shredded coconut in a strainer then pour the warm water.
3. I let it rest for few minutes and I squeeze the coconut milk. Repeat the process. 
4. I place the coconut milk in a bowl with cover.
5 .Refrigerate the coconut milk until coconut oil solidifies.
6. The following day, I remove the first layer (solid coconut oil) and put it in a pot and cook in low heat. 

7. Check from time to time. It is done when you see some toasted coconut bits. 
8. If you want a clear coconut oil, strain it using paper towel or cheese cloth to remove the toasted coconut bits. But since this is just for personal use, I did not use any cheese cloth. I transfer it in a jar.
9. Store and use it for cooking or beauty regimen. 

Not bad for my first time try. I’m planning to use it for hair or body. 

September 21, 2017

Four Points by Sheraton Hotel in Thailand

My husband was back in Bangkok Thailand last week and he stayed in Four Points by Sheraton Hotel which is also a sister company of Sheraton Grande and part of Starwood Hotel and Resort so you can still earn points here if you have SPG card.

It is located in Sukhumvit area which is a few minutes walk away from the subway, skytrain and Terminal 21 Shopping mall. Though it is just a walking distance from the mall, they do not have a connecting bridge to Terminal 21. This is one thing that my husband likes in Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit Hotel because they have a sky bridge so going to the mall is easy.

This is the room, this room reminds me of our stay in Crimson Mactan Resort and Spa. The room is quite similar because you can open the divider of the room and bathroom.

There are desk table and couch. There is complimentary water but no complimentary fruits. My husband appreciates complimentary fruits because you have something to eat after your flight or work.

There is a bathtub so +1 for those who have kids in tow. According to my husband, they have free laundry per day but one piece of cloth only. So if you run out of clothes or if you will swim and you don’t want to bring wet clothes, you can take advantage of this. Though my husband did not avail this offer since he stayed for few days only.

This is the restaurant where you can eat your breakfast buffet. It is not that big and the spread is just enough, medyo konti daw compared to Sheraton Grande Hotel. But they have honeycomb in their buffet spread. It may not be grand but it is enough to satisfy your morning breakfast.

The hotel has swimming pool and gym too. This is the pool that my husband saw when he stayed in Sheraton Grande and Westin Grande, as you can see on the picture, tabi-tabi lang sila. You can check my review of other hotels in Bangkok below.

Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit Hotel
Westin Grande Sukhumvit Hotel
Louis Tavern Transit Hotel

Four Points by Sheraton Hotel 
4 Sukhumvit Soi 15,
Sukhumvit Road, Wattana,
Bangkok, Thailand

September 20, 2017


Time flies so fast when you’re enjoying and we did not notice that our summer vacation in Norway was about to end. Seven weeks seems not enough, I stayed for 3 months when I was still single. I did not mind my one month leave in school, feeling ko madali lang habulin yung lesson. But now that I’m a mom, I don’t want my son to miss school, sayang ang tuition so we have to go home 1 week before classes resume and of course, we miss our daddy.

And because we're going back to the Philippines, my aunt invited us again for dinner in their house. She has no work after 17th of May so she has time to prepare foods. Knowing my aunt, she always prepares a lot of foods kahit konti lang bisita. Hindi ka papayat if you stay in my aunt’s house. For a group of 7 persons, here are the foods.

My aunt used to plant different kinds of berries so she makes fruit jams and even juices like these. Now that she is busy with work, wala na siya time mag garden.

Of course, cakes and ice cream for dessert. She prepared a different kind of Pavlova, a mini version

Ang dami food di ba? My aunt also invited her Filipina neighbor + husband who is also a co-worker so napahaba-haba ang kainan and kwentuhan. This is one thing that I miss, get together with my family and relatives. Yung kumakain lang ako and hindi tagaluto or tagabake.  Check the food here, when we visited her during our first week in Norway.

If we still have time, mapapalakad kami sa Svartholberget para lang mabawasan ng calories but we went home straight since late na rin. We will go to Nursing Home the following day, our last day in helping my mom in her work.

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September 19, 2017

Sjøgata in Norway

After visiting Grandefjaera Nature Reserve and Kjeungskajaer Lighthouse, off we went to Sjøgata. Sjøgata or sea lane is the last place that we visited in Norway because after this trip, we became busy preparing and packing for our Iceland and of course going back to the Philippines. 

I’ve already seen this place because my mom has a painting of this historical place. But I’m glad that we were able to see it, up close and personal. Sjøgata is located in the old port area of Uthaug which is near the sea. 

Instagram Lola 
It is considered a historical place because you can see fishermen’s houses which were built in 1800’s. It is good to know that they are trying to preserve this place. The place is indeed relaxing so a lot of artists are going here to draw or paint their own masterpiece. We did not stay long at nilalamig na kami and we’re going to attend fellowship.

September 18, 2017

Stocking Your Home Medicine Kit

I’m pretty sure that most of us have our own medicine kit at home. I cannot stress enough having your own first aid kit because it is really important especially for emergency cases. We have our own home medicine kit but there was a time when my son had a fever and when I checked the fridge, our Paracetamol syrup is only good for two intakes. My husband was out of the country and I don’t want to bring my son to the drugstore at masama na nga pakiramadam. Good thing that my friend volunteered to buy the medicine for me.

And because of that, I really make sure that I have stock of vitamins and medicines at home. One friend even suggested, have at least two bottles of Paracetamol so I don’t need to go out anymore if ever maubusan. Di bale na maexpire kaysa mamoblema ko sa pagbili at maghanap ng open na pharmacy.

I’m not saying that you need to buy all the vitamins or medicines that you think you might need. In my opinion, just buy those vitamins and medicines that you most likely use in daily basis or emergency cases.

What inside my home medicine kit? 

I have two boxes of medicine kit, one is for oral medicines and one for topical medicines and wound care supplies. Some medicines are inside the fridge. :)

1. Pain medications
2. Fever medications and fever pads
3. Stomach medications
4. Antihistamine medications
5. Decongestants for colds
6. Cough Medicine
7. My medicine for psoriasis
8. Antiseptic Solutions
9. Topical creams or ointments for burns, itching, insect bites.
10. Wound Care Supplies

Don’t forget to check your medicine kits regularly. Always check the expiration date, throw expired products and replace it. My husband has his own medicine kit too that he always brings whenever he travels. The company nurse is the one who put the medicines, he just needs to return it after the trip. Whenever we travel, I also bring medicines, I just put it in a pouch.

Anyway, if you are looking for affordable vitamins or medicines that you can put in your kit. Check the following products of United Home, these are pre-natal medicine, non-acidic vitamin, fever and pain medication and cough medication.

1. Women’s Health

United Home Fersulfate Plus 

Ferrous Sulfate + Folic Acid
For pregnant mothers
It is used for prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anemia and prenatal hemanitic. It promotes healthy pregnancy for the mother and baby health blood and avoidance of birth defects.
SRP P3.50 per piece

2. Vitamins 

United Home Ceetab Premium

Non-acidic vitamin C supplement
It is used for prevention and treatment of Vitamin C deficiency. It increases the body’s resistance. SRP P4.50 per piece

3. Prevention and Cure 

United Home Broncho 

It used for relief of cough characterized by excessive or sticky sputum or phlegm. It helps treat respiratory tract disorders such as acute or chronic bronchitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
SRP P4.50 per piece

United Home Fevertab 

It is used for fever reduction and relief of minor aches and pains.
SRP P1.50 per piece

How about you what is inside your medicine kit?

September 15, 2017

Kjeungskajaer Lighthouse in Norway

We’ve been to Uthaug a couple of times already but I have no idea that there is lighthouse there. I showed my mom the flyer and she said that we will visit it someday. So after we went to Grandefjaera Nature Reserve, my mom drove us to Uthaug where we can see the lighthouse. 

From the parking, we trekked on a small mountain where we can see the Kjeungskajaer Lighthouse. It is the only octagonal lighthouse in Norway, which is situated on a tiny island in Bjugnfjorden. It is 3.5km away from Uthaug so you need to ride a boat to reach it. It is too far so we can’t have a good picture of it kahit super zoom na camera ko. Hehehe! 

The red brick lighthouse was built in the year 1880 and the lighthouse keeper and his familiveves at the lower floor of the lighthouse until the year 1987. From 1987, it is already automated so the last keeper moved out already. 

There is Lighthouse Association named Kjeungen Kystlag who restores and maintains the rooms of the lighthouse since 1999 while the government protects and maintains the external part of the lighthouse. The light is lit from July 21 to May 16 so from May 15 to July 20, there is no light because of the midnight sun. We all know that Norway is known as the Land of Midnight Sun

We were not able to visit the 68ft tall lighthouse because it is only open from May 15 to August 31. You can tour or rent the lighthouse which is good for 20 persons. I can't imagine staying in the lighthouse, I bet it would be a good experience. 

Watch the video here

September 08, 2017

Grandefjaera Nature Reserve in Norway

We’ve been walking to Bruholmen for three consecutive days because my mom was not allowed to drive but after few days of resting, she finally decided to drive again. After breakfast, she was persuading us to go out but I told her to rest at baka mapagod na naman but she kept on saying na okay na daw siya so we gave in. 

After lunch, we went to Grandejaera Nature Reserve, it is one of the wetland systems in Ørland which is under the Ramsar Protection since 1983. Other protected areas are Hovsfjaera, Innstranda and Kråkvågsvaet. This place has shallow marine and tidal landscape which attracts local and foreign birdwatchers and bird lovers.

There are a lot of birds and even migrating birds from Iceland that you can see in the area. They even have photos of birds that you might see all throughout the year. The peak season is spring and autumn season. If you want to visit the place you can go to the ultural center to get some maps or rent telescopes, binoculars, or bike. 

But if you just want to unwind, you can just got to Grandfjaera. The place is open to public and FREE. There are tables and benches if you want to have picnic too. We did not stay long because it is so cold, ang nipis ng jacket namin. If you can see, we’re hiding our hands inside our jackets. 

Watch the video here

September 07, 2017

Baking Pandesal with Filling

During our vacation in Norway, my mom was confined in the hospital for 5 days so we just stayed at home while she was in the hospital. You can read the story here,  so when she came back, I told her that we no longer have bread in the pantry. Bread is very important because we ate bread every breakfast and even dinner. 

She was not allowed to drive as per doctor advised so I told her that I will just go to the grocery. Since I don’t know how to drive, I will just walk to the grocery but my mom did not like the idea so she suggested that I should bake pandesal na lang. I haven’t tried making pandesal but since she has the recipe, I said yes. It’s been a long time since I bake my own bread, sayang naman pinag-aralan ko sa Baking Class. 

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So the following morning, I woke up early so I can start making the dough and I was surprised when my mom already made the dough. I told her, bakit siya nagbake, pinagpapahinga nga siya ng doctor. She said, she is not used to doing nothing. Since the dough is already okay, we all knead, roll and shape our own bread. No rules to follow, basta kung ano gusto mo shape. hehehe! We put some fillings too like cheese, ham and green onion. 

It was sunny so while I'm baking the bread, my mom and son went out para magsunbathing. Sunbathing na balot na balot pa rin kasi malamig pa rin sa labas. Hehehe! #wheninnorway

I also made a strawberry and banana smoothie to pair with our pandesal with filling. 

Here is the finished product, don’t judge the photo because our pandesal tastes good and we enjoyed making it. After our hearty meal, we went out for a walk. As usual sa Bruholmen ulit. As of this writing, namiss ko bigla bonding namin tatlo. Hehehe! 

Watch the video here.