May 11, 2012

Mother’s Day Card

My son gave me an advance gift for Mother’s day; this is the second mother’s day card that I received from him. Though last year was much better, #choosy, you can click here to view my first mother’s day card. But I appreciate his effort for coloring this card because I know he doesn’t like to color na. I always say that my son loves to color but now I don’t know what is happening. I always notice this on his teacher remarks.

First few days: “Wonderful”
Next Few Days: “”Nice”
Then: “Checked”

After few days, I saw a note “Ethan, next time please color the picture nicely”. Oh my, I don’t know what is happening, so after class, I will trace the activity so he can color it again and ok naman result. I always remind him to color the picture nicely and don’t go beyond the line. The following day, teacher’s remark is “Keep up the good work”

So feeling ko ok na, then this is the result of my Mother’s Day card, black heart, and red bear but since I’m his mother, I love this card. He gave me this card with a smile. =)

Some kids are born lucky, they get to have the best kinda mom and I'm the luckiest coz you are mine! Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Happy Mother's day to all the moms!


  1. aww that's so sweet.. happy mom's day michi :)

  2. Still the best card ever for a loving mother aiyt? Happy Mother's Day!

    Btw - just stumbled here while blogwalking.. cool blog and will follow you now.. :)

  3. hehe cute... i can imagine the smile while he gave you this card. :-)

    am a new follower... hope you could follow me back and link me up too? :-) thanks so much!

  4. cute! good thing schools now promote giving importance to occasions like this. with this, kids will grow up remembering to value their parents. For the color thing, why not make your hubby his idol? tell him he's an engineer and to become one, he needs to color beautifully or have a color sessions for all of you. it'll be fun. :D

    anyway, receiving a little something from your little one is always touching. happy for you michi. Happy Mom's day!

  5. Awwwww. Your son is so sweet. Happy mother's day! :)

  6. that is the sweetest mother's card I've ever seen:) Happy mother's day to you as well and to me. hi hi