May 24, 2012

Weekly Menu

When I was young, I never thought that preparing meals are stressful but now that I’m a mom, I realized that thinking what to cook every day is a challenge so I always have weekly menu but still I’m having a hard time thinking what to cook for the whole week.

Every day I only cook one meal because there are only three people in the house so how much more if you have big family, you have to cook meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Whew! 

We only eat light breakfast, our usual breakfast are sandwiches, cereals and oatmeal but for weekend, we eat rice meals so I have to cook the usual breakfast meal like hotdog, bacon, omelette, spam, or any dish with SI-LOG (SInangag (fried rice) itLOG (egg). For snacks, it varies, sometimes I bake cupcake, cook pasta or sweet treats like banana-q which is good for 2 to 3 days.

Writing weekly menu may be hard but you can also save on this because you will only buy what you need for the whole week so no wasted ingredients and because of this I defrost our fridge every week, day before our market day.

I usually use scratch pad to write my weekly menu but now I’m going to use this, I hope this will inspire me to write our menu. I bought this 2 years ago at Baby Couture (P50) and this is the only time I’m gonna use it. Hehe!

How about you, how do you plan your meal?

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